and the suicide Problem

I’ve never heard of most of the adults of the site and social media It’s huge in Europe, and has about 65 million users. But half of them under the age of 18 – and this means that the base of active users of the site consists mostly of children.

And they used to chase each other until death.

So far, nine teenagers connected committed suicide after receiving dozens of anonymous messages obnoxious on the site. hack hack hack is ostensibly question and answer site. You register, the system allows you to ask questions that can be answered on any other person, or to answer questions coming from other users. It also allows you to post questions anonymously. But the form also allows users to participate in each others arguments and fights, and gang up on each other. User account can fill up quickly with a stream of anonymous and offensive messages that may or may not be coming from people you know. Here’s an example:
Part of the problem is that the site location and social media with almost no privacy settings and the lack of controls true identity. Facebook, by contrast, has made efforts to ensure that a high proportion of their accounts belong to real people – and delete user accounts and fake. It also has privacy controls. You can secure your account completely, if necessary, shut down and the world.


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